Friday, April 16, 2004

MY LIFE------ PART 2

So i clear up the mess, clean up the whole house,
every midnight got to wake up and wash clothes, wait for them to dry, iron and keep back,
So unable to sleep, cos BAD FATTY don allow...

I hate him! I hate him!


So finally, my sis did something that really angered DAD alot that he sold the house,
but its fine for my sis, as she is old eough to fend for herself, morever, she got her boyfriend to look after her.

But what about me? I am still in secondary school. Don ask me why, I also don know
MY LIFE ------ PART 1

I used to be very positive, Full of lives and joy in me that whenever I walks or goes anywhere I can brighten up the atmosphere. Then one fine day, something bad happen and it turn my world upside down.

The faithful Day When You Are Gone, FOREVER

Ten years ago, you left us, I know that you did not want to, but still you did. Everything is so different without you around, I miss you, miss you a lot. Do you know that not long after you left, a lot of things changed?

We moved to woodland, yes, the new house you chose, but you never had the chance to live there.
Two years later, I moved back to wdls too, cos I chose a secondary school in our area, its only a 10 minutes walk from there.

Before I moved back to wdls, I was staying with Ah Yi, and she really dotes and loves me a lot and I did not really think of anything even I feel lonely whenever I goes back during weekends, Dad and Sis are always not around. I always feel lonely and depress, I don know why, its just a feeling I had since young.

Secondary school Life
Moving back to wdls, I thought I will have more time with Daddy and Jie Jie, but its only I THOUGHT.
Daddy joined a company called ***, he had a high post there, thought its only a security and alarm company, the working hours really snatched him away from me, they provide a hostel for him, making him worked almost 24 hours a day, I really do not have time to see him, that was when I am in sec 3.
Then more staffs joined the company, that means more staffs would be under him. And, gradually, he came home less often, seldom, .....

Dad is a responsible man, in worked, as a husband, as a father.
He do not take MC, leaves and AL, unless clearing of leaves, cos he always said, no matter which post you take in a company, you are equally important as the rest, cos your presence and not being there is a big effect to all, so you'll delay work if you are not there.


Sister had a boyfriend for many years, but still not married, bear in mind, the age gap of sis and me,
10 years different...
Since dad is seldom home, sis begin to rule the house, and then his boy rules.
I hate her boyfriend--- bad fatty.

Bad Fatty had a super big foul temper. They, ( sis and him) always start to fight when quarreling, with knives, scissors, anything that can seen blood after it contact with your body.

So, I was a victim, in their almost - everyday fight.
Got scolded for nothing, beaten up,

I decided to voice out, to my aunt, an of course to my dad too.
Thought things would change, ...

But it is turning as a cycle.
they bully me, I complain, dad and aunt scold them, they come to me again,
wats the point den?

I began to stay out late, alone..
Always hang ard my fav spot, that place is really my 1st love place, no one knows me, I do not know them too.

But every morning when I got ho,e, the whole house is in a mess.
Bad Fatty would take a pail of water and splash onto the floor and I got to clear up everything before he come back..,.

to be continued.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

My name is lady and am 20 this year, i started this blog in case i lost my manual diary, at least I still can log in to my blog to see my past memories be it good or bad..

Today is not a good day for me, I'm sick today but I still decided to blog,
at least something is there keeping me busy then to lie in bed, cover myself with blanket,
asking myself," when will I be fine".
So this is my first page.
More coming ....
Car lovers.

This is really a fantasic page to readers if you are a Die-Hard-Fan for Cars...

I was planning to post pictures about the competition sponsered by Falken
in kallang studium carpark, and the cars exabition held in Singapore Expo,
Singapore car racing with Malaysia cars in Pasir Gudang(Malaysia)

and cars in the Too Fast Too Furious, Japan race one every three years, as well

as from other countries..

But guess what?

My scanner is as sick as me, it is having problem itself, so I can only Apologise


SORRY to all my readers and Die-Hard-Fans of CARS...

To be continued............

After I replaced my scanner...


Saturday, April 03, 2004

Since JOKES are meant to be short funny stories,

so the person who say the joke would be named as JOKER.

JOKERS made people laugh with their short stories.

ME :" Oh, Hi Joker,

what are you doing in my deck of cards?"

Joker remained slient.

maybe it is trying to think of a funny joke to made me laugh

so I would not chase the Joker away from my deck of cards.

Suddenly, someone cried!!

Someone : " Joker!! Why are you not here when I pray and hope for you that you will come?"

Joker : SLIENT

Someone : "Joker, I'm sorry, I would not yell and scold you again,

if you would come and look for me the next round".

Joker : SLIENT

By this time I was thinking, so if the joker even really turn up to meet Someone,

Someone of course would be very happy, even Joker still remained SLIENT..

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